About Us

Kingdom Investments International is a 501(C)(3) global humanitarian organization (Tax ID #20-5467615) that encourages, empowers and mobilizes people to serve the needs of their community and address their unique social issues. KII partners with other local and international organizations to provide creative, strategic investments of finances, resources and manpower – often in remote and/or conflict locations – to create self-sustaining projects that provide education, develop skills and improve the health, safety and living standards.  Our specific purposes are:

  • Business Investments- Where feasible, investing into the economy either locally or abroad in larger ventures that produce a financial return for our investment. Our economic gains are used to fund humanitarian projects within that country.
  • Job Training and Micro-business – Providing training in various types of job opportunities including education and economic assistance such as grants and loans for starting small business ventures.
  • Educational grants, loans and scholarships – Assisting, in some situations, a person in the continuing of their education. Our desire is for the individual to invest his or her education and experience back into the community.
  • Educational Programs – Addressing issues such as HIV/AIDS, hygiene, Alcoholism, Drug Abuse; Proper Child Development and Care; Marriage Enhancement; Abusive Relationships and Human Trafficking.
  • Medical Teams – Providing assistance in the areas of oral hygiene, dental assistance; basic medical check ups, immunizations and vaccinations, pediatrics, labor and delivery. Types of medical assistance depend upon the specialization of team members.

Sexual Exploitation and Gender-Based Violence – Partnering with local groups to assist in the identification, rescue and reintegration into society of women who have been abused and trafficked. This includes counseling, job training, preventative education and workers stationed at strategic border crossings trained to identify and apprehend those trafficking girls and women out of the country. We assist in bringing a greater awareness to this global problem through education and the promotion of our work.

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